Decibrity Playlist: Sannhet (Part 2)

*Photo by Charles Nickles
*Photo by Charles Nickles

Last week, we brought you the first part of John Refano’s “Kill Yr Idols” playlist and then were lucky enough to see him and bassist AJ Annunziata and drummer/sampler Christopher Todd headline Saint Vitus in honor of the release of Sannhet‘s sophomore LP Revisionist.  Now that we’ve recovered from the celebration, here’s part two, which partly continues in the same vein but also adds some brutality to the mix. If you haven’t already, you can pick up a copy of Revisionist here (bandcamp) or here (The Flenser) and check out the Brooklyn trio on tour at the dates below.

Today Is The Day’s “The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself” (from 1997’s Temple Of The Morning Star)

When I was in high school, I went to a show that Today is the Day was playing and I had no idea who they were. Steve Austin was terrifying at the time and I had never heard anything like it. They were on tour for this album, their first album for Relapse and their most heavy to date at the time. I feel like this is their best album all around. There are all these high drone guitar and synth notes layered in all over the album that I really love. Plus, the vocals sound insane, there must be a thousand tracks and it almost sounds like he’s hissing at you. Painful.

Blonde Redhead’s “Luv Machine” (from 1998’s In An Expression Of The Inexpressible)

This whole record is dueling baritone guitars and you don’t miss the bass at all. The riffs are so minimal and there are barely any effects on the guitars, but what they play is really haunting. One of my favorite bands.

Discordance Axis’s “Typeface” (from 1997’s Jouhou)

Everyone always freaks out about Dave Witte’s drumming, which yeah, of course, is amazing, but to me the guitar on this record is the best part. It’s minimalist, it’s not really metal and it’s not really punk–it’s just dissonant and heavy and awesome…and perfectly executed. The most original and interesting band to come out of grindcore.

Aphex Twin’s “Untitled #3” (from 1994’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II)

This album changed my life. I had no idea music could be something like this. It still makes me feel weird when I listen to it. I honestly think everything about it is flawless. The tone and texture perfectly match the melancholy melodies. Truly emotive music. I hope some day I’ll make something that even comes close to capturing this much feeling.

Slowdive’s “When The Sun Hits” (from 1993’s Souvlaki)

This song is so anthemic–the guitar just glides through the mix like sun rays on a summer day by the seaside. I’m joking, but it’s something like that. I was lucky enough to see them recently on their reunion tour and they definitely still have it.

Autechre’s “VLetrmx” (from 1995’s Garbage EP)

Autechre is of course known for their complex, machine-like experimental electronic music. I always thought the juxtaposition of harsh mechanical rhythm sounds with delicate ambience underneath was beautiful. I think the idea of juxtaposing contrasting sounds influences my playing and writing today. This track is one of their few totally ambient tracks, but is one of my favorite in their huge catalog.

Morbid Angel’s “Umulamahri” (from 1998’s Formulas Fatal To The Flesh)

I’m partial to Steve Tucker-era Morbid Angel. I saw them play many times during this time period and it was always amazing. Trey’s riffs are so weird and unconventional for death metal. It makes me sad that their last record was so bad (thanks David Vincent).

Bonus track:

Spacemen 3’s “Rollercoaster” (b-side to 1986’s “Walkin’ With Jesus” single)

This song is exactly what I love about Spacemen 3. Slow burning, droned out, perfect space rock. The original song by the 13th Floor Elevators is great, but this cover is just ridiculous. I love the long sections where they are playing one guitar chord for what feels like forever. “Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to” indeed.

*Photo by Charles Nickles

**You can pick up a copy of Revisionist here (Sannhet’s bandcamp) or here (The Flenser)

***Sannhet tour dates:

  • April 2nd – DC9, Washington, DC w/ Liturgy
  • April 3rd – Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia, PA w/ Liturgy
  • April 4th – Kings, Raleigh, NC w/ Liturgy
  • April 5th – The Masquerade Atlanta, GA w/ Liturgy
  • April 7th – Red 7, Austin, TX w/ Liturgy
  • April 8th – Club Dada, Dallas, TX w/ Liturgy
  • April 9th – Kansas City, MO w/ Liturgy
  • April 10th – Subterranean Chicago, IL w/ Liturgy
  • April 11th – Dionysus Disco Oberlin, OH w/ Liturgy
  • April 18th – The Wick, Brooklyn, NY – Tinnitus Music Series w/ PRURIENT (Record release) and Andy Stott – presented by Pitchfork Show No Mercy and Blackened Music
  • April 24th – Haverford College, Haverford, PA – w/ Liturgy
  • June 14th – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY w/ Viet Cong
  • June 18th – NXNE Pitchfork Showcase w/ Vince Staples, Majical Cloudz, Tink, Jessica Pratt, Amen Dunes and Container
  • June 19th – Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY w/ A Place to Bury Strangers
  • June 20th – Cattivo, Pittsburgh, PA w/ A Place to Bury Strangers