STREAMING: Akhlys “Consummation”

Sonically, Akhlys differs from Nightbringer, but what separates the two entities spiritually?

Naas Alcameth: The subject matter of Akhlys is specific to certain dream and para-somnic experiences and their situation and importance within esotericism. All lyrics for The Dreaming I were inspired directly from my own dream experiences I have journaled over the last decade plus. Nightbringer is primarily concerned with an all-encompassing inner path within the esoteric traditions we have adopted and thus its horizon is far more broad regarding subject matter.

What do you think pushed Akhlys from dark ambient to black metal?

Naas Alcameth: The intention from the start was to draw from both genres and while the first album was dark ambient it has some black metal elements such as the vocalizations in some parts. While The Dreaming I as mostly dominated by its black metal elements there are a lot of ambient incorporation and many layers of ambient voices continue throughout nearly the entire album, one just needs to listen for them behind the wall of traditional instruments.

Is there middle ground here? I’m speaking of the world between dark ambient and black metal.

Naas Alcameth: I believe a more perfect balance can be achieved, something I am still striving towards.

Is The Dreaming I an album to get lost in? Or do you view it as a far more confrontational vehicle?

Naas Alcameth: I tend to get lost within it when I listen passively, that is, listen to listen while attempting not to dissect and analyze my own work, something difficult to do. In the end it is all in the eye (ear?) of the beholder, I suppose.

Tell us about the cover. It’s quite striking.

Naas Alcameth: The cover was painted by David Hererrias and is quite genius in my opinion. I provided David with the lyrics and the concept behind the name and he took it from there, with free reign.

What do you want people to walk away with when they hear The Dreaming I for the first time?

Naas Alcameth: This is not something I have thought about, really. I become so focused on trying to achieve an ideal, reified in sound, that I do not often consider the viewpoint from the outside looking in. I judge it mostly based upon how evocative it is for me personally while listening to it. If it serves to be equally as evocative for likeminded people then I suppose I succeeded in relaying the intended ideal.

Is Akhlys a full-time endeavor or do you view it as temporal?

Naas Alcameth: I would not say it is full-time yet I do plan to continue with this project.

Now jump into the darkness. Stream Akhlys’ “Consummation”:

** Akhlys’ The Dreaming I is out April 10th on Debemur Morti Productions. It’s available HERE for pre-order.