Win A Copy Of Season Of The Witch

At the beginning of the year we published an interview with author Peter Bebergal about his excellent new book Season Of The Witch: How The Occult Saved Rock and Roll. Among the topics discussed: why metal has picked up (again) on the occult approach and themes so popular in the 70s: “There’s just something about wanting to get back to a simpler sound that 70s metal offered. I really like metal but I can’t listen to cookie monster vocals. But there are more bands opting for a Coven-like vocal approach. I think that is more evocative of something esoteric. I don’t think that Black Sabbath could be who they are without their voices – it captures their spirit. Things come around in cycles but I do think we are finally able to recognize the 70s were one of the most important decades in the pop culture landscape. So, it does make sense that metal bands would look back.”
There was a lot of interest in the interview — and the book — so we’ve teamed with Peter (who is buried in the New England snow) to offer Deciblog readers a chance to win their choice of a signed print or digital copy of Season Of The Witch.

Please answer the following question and submit it by February 25 to [email protected]. In your entry, please let us know if you would like the print or digital copy. One winner will be selected.

Who do you think is the pivotal occult rock band? State your case in under 150 words.