Full Album Stream: Hacavitz — “Darkness Beyond”

In the new edition of Decibel with our tour headliners on the cover J. Bennett gets into a fascinating conversation with Liturgy frontman Hunter Hunt Hendrix (aka Triple H) about just what constitutes “black metal,” among other topics.
There’s no need for any investigation or atom splitting when it comes to this band. Hacavitz is from Mexico and they’ve been playing black metal — or a blackened version of death metal — for the decade-plus they’ve been around. They were featured on a split called Apocalyptik Blasphemy of the Revolutionists. These guys do not fuck around and do not write manifestos.

Dark Descent will soon release their new album Darkness Beyond and we have a full stream below. Here’s what the label is saying: “The group has shed its death metal influences in favor of superbly crafted black metal hymns. Ferocity and grimness permeate.” Preorder it here.