STREAMING: Carach Angren “This Is No Fairy Tale”

“The long wait is finally over,” says Carach Angren to Decibel. “We proudly present you our fourth full-length musical horror story telling the utterly dark tale of two children on a quest to escape total darkness. As the music and lyrics take you from chapter to chapter you will learn about the inevitable outcome…This Is No Fairytale!”
For the better part of the last seven years, the Dutch black metallers have carved a niche for themselves in a scene fraught with Satan and his little red friends. Instead of pentagrams and upside down crosses, Carach Angren propose new, if no less dark topics. Like interpreting the legend, The Flying Dutchman, or taking on the real-life horrors of World Wars I and II, as well as the Vietnam War.

With corpse-painted faces, symphonic bombast, and evil recast, we present the full-album premiere of Carach Angren’s This Is No Fairytale.

** Carach Angren’s new album, This Is No Fairy Tale, is out February 24th on Season Of Mist Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.