Unorthodox Redux: Exclusive Indecision Doc Clip!

What It Once Meant — the documentary detailing the life, death, and (semi) resurrection of Indecision, hands down one of the smartest, most audacious, uninhibited hardcore bands ever — is a real triumph of an often fumbled form: Poignant and funny, harrowing and inspiring, the film opens up a window on a unique assemblage of individuals making the most of a unique moment in time; creating, against all odds, something great and immutable that blazed — and continues to blaze — a trail much further into the world and future than any of its builders could have anticipated.
Masterfully interwoven and balanced by director Derek Morse, What It Once Meant might just be the single best advertisement for the value and potential of DIY this side of Dischord Records. Pick up a copy here from MorseCode Recordings and check out an exclusive outtake below.