Premiere: Shredhead’s Incredible New Animated Video

The videos that arrive at Decibel headquarters are often predictably bad. There are the things we loathe (lyric videos), things we find annoying (videos talking about the making of videos) and the low budget (we’ll just record ourselves playing live and hope people give a shit). Boy, did Shredhead’s new animated stop motion video just take a massive dump on these bland efforts. The effort and creativity that went into this must be herculean. The Israel thrash metal band created a South Park-style animated video romp that includes a stunning variety of heavy metal heroes, pop metal characters and Shredhead members. Here’s a short preview of what you will see today:

–The Terminator shoots Randy Blythe
–Ozzy Osbourne gets kidnapped by a bat
–Nergal summons zombies
–Jeff Hanneman hosts a human BBQ
–Snoop Dogg is captured with a Pokéball

And that’s just a few seconds. We’ve watched it five times already and we are still catching the metal cameos. It’s so good that all we can do is suggest you watch it and show some support for these guys on Facebook. “Walk With The Dead” is from their recently released second album Death Is Righteous. If this doesn’t make you crack a smile you are clearly allergic to fun.