STREAMING: Rwake – Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness

It took us a good 10 years to get it right, but Rwake is really just pronounced “wake”. Good to know since Relapse is re-issuing the group’s debut demo, Xenoglossalgia (The Last Stage of Awareness), with stunning limited 3D art with 3D glasses. We can finally sound intelligent while descanting about Dostoyevsky’s formative years, vegan offal, and Rwake. It’s been 17 years (1998) since Xenoglossalgia (The Last Stage of Awareness) saw light of day. Seems like an eternity ago. Fans of Absence Due to Projection and Rest (as well the albums in-between) can expect a heavy helping of sludge with a southern dose of Nordic symphonic black. If that makes any sense. Few bands outside of Rwake fused doom, sludge, psychedelia, and black metal grandeur.

Remastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, High On Fire, Integrity), Xenoglossalgia (The Last Stage of Awareness) sounds amazing considering the Rwake team engineered, recorded, and mixed their tunes on a limited budget. Actually, if you don’t believe us, why don’t you stream the album in full below. It’ll bend your little mind.

** Rwake’s Xenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of Awareness is out February 10th on Relapse Records. It’s available in LP (HERE), cooler LP (HERE), and CD (HERE) for a modicum of Zenny coins. If you get the Zenny coins reference, you’re alright in our book.