STREAMING: The Flight of Sleipnir “The Casting”

The Flight of Sleipnir aren’t your typical doom-stoner-folk metal outfit. Actually, the fusion of folk with stoner is incongruous. And doom folk is a rare breed unto itself. So, it’s with keen interest The Flight of Sleipnir spearhead this relatively new combo of genres on new album, V.
Actually, the Colorado-based duo aren’t new. Sure, they weren’t around when Slayer looked like girls (just kidding, relax!), but compared to, say, Sadistic Intent (almost 30 years and the Angelenos can’t get a full-length together!), the Sleipnir guys are profoundly prolific. Since 2009’s self-released full-length, Algiz + Berkanan, the outfit’s released five albums, with V. being latest for Napalm Records.

“‘The Casting’ came together near the end of the writing for this album,” says lead Sleipnir to Decibel. “It focuses on the idea of ancestral memories realized through the creation of a weapon. Though it was written on an acoustic guitar the intent was always to make it a hard-hitting song in terms of feel and dynamics.”

It’s time to wind down your Friday afternoon. If you’re off work, spin up “The Casting” to whatever libation of choice. If you’re almost off work, “The Casting” will calm almost all of your frustrations after being in 3-hour meetings. If you don’t work, well, lucky you. “The Casting” is here to carry you—with all eight legs—to metallic bliss and back.

** The Flight of Sleipnir’s new album, V., is out November 24th on Napalm Records. It’s available HERE for pre-order.