STREAMING: Necrophagia “WhiteWorm Cathedral”

Originally slated for a 2012 release, Necrophagia’s new album, WhiteWorm Cathedral, is finally seeing the light of day through Season of Mist. Main maggot Killjoy (aka Frank Pucci) isn’t one to let the products of his darkest and bloodiest desires get the best of him, so he let WhiteWorm Cathedral stew in a pot of human remains, werewolf semen, and nude chicks over the course of two years. The smell must’ve been unbearable.
Anyway, the result is more harrowing than ever anticipated. As one of death metal’s godfathers, Killjoy knows how to make our hair stand on end. He’s been doing scary shit since 1983. WhiteWorm Cathedral is ugly, nasty, and dirty. It’s death metal done without care for process or prettiness or perfection. Necrophagia’s always stood for old-school values, and they’re all present in the horror that is WhiteWorm Cathedral.

Sure, tracks have been previewed by others, but Decibel, thanks to Killjoy and Season of Mist, have been granted the full album premiere. Enjoy WhiteWorm Cathedral to the best of your abilities. If you get nauseated, vomit, and eat your vomit, we’re not responsible. Just a warning.

** Necrophagia’s new album, WhiteWorm Cathedral, is out October 28th on Season of Mist. Pre-orders are available HERE. Do it before Killjoy comes to your house and forces you to click the button. Trust us, you don’t want that.