Get Yer Witch On: Hekseri Premiere

The superb Boston/Norway black metal outfit Hekseri will be conjuring its unique brand of “witching metal” opening for Behexen at Martyrdoom this Sunday and to get you ready we’ve got an exclusive stream of “Der Hexenhammer,” a searing, turbulent track off the band’s new CD single Soul’s Prison is Flesh.
“‘Der Hexenhammer’ is about the hellish situation surrounding the book Malleus Maleficarum, which was one of Christianity’s essential justifications for the persecution and prosecution of witches,” Hekseri co-founder Iron Meggido explains. “Of course the song is from the witch’s perspective.”

Of course!

Hekseri plays O’Brien’s Pub in Boston this Friday and Martyrdoom on Sunday. The band’s second full-length, Of Witches, Wisdom, and Death” will be available soon.