STREAMING: Nunslaughter’s “Angelic Dread”

None more slaughter, the slaughterest of the slaughter, Nunslaughter have an actual full-length out now after approximately 600 EP’s, singles, and splits. It sounds like Nunslaughter. What more could you ask for? In case you don’t believe me, we have THE ENTIRE ALBUM streaming for you below. Angelic Dread has 31 blasphemous blasts, half of which are new and half of which are re-recordings with significantly better sound. Let vocalist Don of the Dead tell you about it himself – if you can read it while banging your head furiously.
What took so long between albums?

We initially had no plans to write another full length album. During the years since our last album Hex we wrote and recorded a few dozen songs for split 7″s and EP’s. That kept our focus from a full length but after writing for a few months we realized we had a full cohesive album written. We decided to go for it and give a full album another shot.

What’s the meaning behind the title of the album?

The album as a whole does not have an overall concept unless you count Satan, Death misery and the dead. The lyrics contain anti-Christian lyrics and disturbing thoughts about mankind and the human condition.

Any personal favorite riffs or lyrics?

My personal favorite lyrics are in the song Three Nails One Liar. The title track has a strong riff and that is why we decided to use ANGELIC DREAD as the first song and the title of the album.

What inspires your lyrics?

I have a deep seeded resentment for Christians. This is the basis for most of my lyrics. I also use my disdain for humanity and disgust for the human race to create songs that reflect my views on life. This album above the others has some very personal words / lyrics and entire songs. Writing the lyrics had a cathartic effect and it helped me through a rough spot in my life.

Why did you decide to do a disc of re-recordings?

During our live shows we play songs from the entirety of our recording career. It became clearer and clearer to us that many people did not know some of the songs in our set because the format that it was released on was no longer available. It was either because they were released in limited quantity or because it was released over a decade ago. We did not want people to be excluded so the re-recording of these older NunSlaughter songs was the easiest way to do it.  Plus VENOM did it for Cast in Stone so that was good enough for me.

***Angelic Dread is out today on Hells Headbangers. Satan bids you to order it here.