All Hail Beer City: Joe Petagno Skate Deck Giveaway!

Here’s the deal: The legendary Joe Petagno — AKA the creator of the Motorhead “Snaggletooth” mascot, amongst other iconic images — has drawn three custom exclusive skateboard graphics for Beer City Skateboards and Records. Beer City has been around for over twenty-one years making the highest quality skateboard decks as well as putting out all kinds of records for sick, seminal bands like DRI, Verbal Abuse, Raw Power and more!
Decibel has partnered up to give away one of the “Snake” models pictured below. All you’ve got to do is shoot an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Snake” and your name/contact info in the body. The deck is made in the USA from seven ply hardrock maple and sweet as fuck.


Check out a couple more of these amazing decks, which can be ordered here, after the jump. For more info on Petagno, check out a excellent rare interview here.