Life to False Metal: Perturbator’s Dangerous Days

Okay, Perturbator’s Dangerous Days is obviously a retro 80s electro album, but it’s got a giant fuckoff pentagram on the cover and robots and a woman in a sexually compromised position, and that if that isn’t metal, what is? Besides, and this is the important thing, the vibe is metal. It may be synthesizer-based with dance beats, but it’s dark and creepy and overwhelming and clearly influenced by 80s horror and science fiction movies. It’s even got Satan manifested as a computer. If open-minded metalheads can accept bands like Zombi into the fold, why not this? The vinyl and CD editions are sold out already, but stream it below and then get a digital download at Bandcamp for whatever price you want (don’t be a cheapass). Shit, it’s more metal than the latest Wolves in the Throne Room.