STREAMING: Gamma Ray “Born To Fly” and “Master Of Confusion”

Power metal isn’t a frequent sight on the Deciblog. For that we (kinda) apologize. There are times when powerful metal, with soaring vocals, eagle cries, and shiny battle armor rules our respective roosts. But most of the time it doesn’t. Power metal, at least of the Euro variety, is, well, too Euro. We do have a soft spot for vintage Helloween, however.
Which is precisely why we decided it was high time to partner with Gamma Ray–you know, Kai Hansen was once a Helloweener–for the premiere of not just one song but two from new album, Empire Of The Undead. Take that naysayers. Turns out Empire Of The Undead almost never happened. The recording studio, Hammer Studios, burned down with everything in it. Luckily, the Gamma Ray masters survived. From the fire Hansen and Gamma Ray arise!

“If this could not stop us, nothing ever will,” jokes Hansen. “We got rid of a lot of shit that we gathered there. Unfortunately, a lot of good equipment as well. Anyhow, we look towards the future, we saved the production and we can continue now in this new place.”

OK, let Gamma Ray lighten your manic Monday. Oh, and we weren’t kidding about eagle cries (anyone remember Lost Horizon?)

** Gamma Ray’s Empire of the Undead is out April 1st on Eagle Rock Entertainment. It’s available for pre-order HERE. Eagle cries sold separately.