STREAMING: The Unguided “Carnal Genesis”

The Unguided’s previous album, Hell Frost, was the product of ex-Sonic Syndicate members Richard and Roger Sjunnesson venturing away from the sway of record companies and their malignant henchmen. Meeting favorable reviews–largely in Europe–The Unguided took off, pulling the sounds of Soilwork, Killswitch Engage, and Scar Symmetry and making them distinct and memorable.
Some three years later, the Sjunnesson brothers return with ex-Sonic Syndicate guitarist Roland Johansson, Cipher System bassist Henric Carlsson, and Spawn of Possession/Shining drummer Richard Schill in tow. Together, they’ve made the logical follow-up to Hell Frost in the form of Fragile Immortality, and haircuts and ultra-graphic t-shirts aside it hits at the heart of melodic semi-death metal. Now, guys into mega-brutal shit are going to be allergic to The Unguided, but fans of chorus-driven, well-produced song craft will find The Unguided to fill the void left vacant by the “Americanization” of melodic death metal.

“‘Carnal Genesis’ is a ferocious onslaught of attitude and melody that would bend the knee of any metal devotee, no matter how kvlt you are!” Richard Sjunnesson exclaims. “Lyrically crafted around the final resistance of mankind, and her last vigorous battle of the right to exist. Certainly an anthem of hope, [with a] chorus you’ll be humming in the months to come.”

What are you waiting for? Let The Unguided, well, guide you. Don’t be afraid of singing along or doing George Lynch-like air guitar antics either. They’re perfectly acceptable among the metallerati and death metallers that don’t smell like mold and their mother’s leftover cooking.

** The Unguided’s Fragile Immortality is out February 11 on Napalm Records. It’s available HERE as a pre-order. Or you can wait for the final Necros Christos album. Your choice.