DECIBREW on Tap at TRVE Brewing Co. This Friday!

Since our Brewtal Truth column first appeared in Decibel nearly five years ago, it was inevitable that this day would one day come. All we needed was to find the perfect partner, and when we learned about Denver’s TRVE Brewing Co. in 2012, we knew that they were it. So, after many bestial sacrifices, summonings, invocations and, uh, some really intense fermentation, we present the Decibrew, the Official Brew of Decibel Magazine, a burly German weizenbock brewed under the sign of evil by owner Nick Nunns and the crew at TRVE.
For those unfamiliar with the style, the name loosely translates as “wheat goat.” The “bock” style originated as a strong lager, but this is actually a strong wheat ale and the special Bavarian yeast used to brew it produces some interesting flavors. It is a hefty, malty 7% ABV beast of a beer that’s perfect for the dark, cold months of winter. Nunns described the Decibrew, his TRVE take on the style, this way: “It’s dark amber color with a really nice round body. There are dominant malt and clove aromas, but if you look hard you can pull out the banana aromas too.”

Now, before you go clamoring to your local bottle shop or liquor store for this, keep reading.
In the spirit of limited-run, kvlt releases, this will only be available on draught in the Denver area, and the first tapping of it will be at the TRVE brewery this Friday, January 17 at precisely 7:06 pm. So, if you want to be the first nerd to check-in this special brew on Untappd or submit your tasting notes to BeerAdvocate or RateBeer, we suggest you get down there early.

To reiterate, THIS BEER IS NOT BEING BOTTLED AT THIS TIME. If you want to try it, you can only do so at TRVE (though it will eventually be available on tap at other brutal drinking establishments in the Denver area in the future).

What: First tapping of Decibrew, the Official Brew of Decibel Magazine
When: January 17, 7:06 pm
Where: TRVE Brewing, 227 Broadway, Denver, CO; 303-351-1021