From the Shuman Vault: Sweden’s (defunct) Necroplasma

In the interest of spangling your frost-still hibernation cave with the bloodiest of icicles this winter, we bring your attention to yet another bleak polar vortex that should scratch your hate-itch just fine.
Starting in 1996, Swedish spike-sporters Necroplasma vomited forth a steady stream of demos, splits and a pair of full-length records, all of which espoused the orthodox blast-n-churn of grim, misanthropic black metal.  We fervently hope they never met anyone with compositional aptitude or musical inclinations, as it is likely that those unfortunate individuals would have been beaten, flayed, then loudly chewed upon for many excruciating hours.

The band’s leader, guitarist/vocalist Priestor Af Hellgoat passed away in 2008, so Necroplasma no longer scours new skulls, but the disgust lives on in various lo-fi recordings that still exist.  Here are a couple songs to rev your oft-neglected bitter malice engine.  Come fill your tank with the blackest fuel.