Label Hack Update: New EP from Theatre Nocturne

Back in May, we were floored by the savage stylings of Theatre Nocturne and their Anhedonia EP.  The band returns in January to release a new 6-song stomach unsettler, entitled Depictions of Life and Death.  Theatre Nocturne, through their vocalist Justin Foley, have this to say about the new work:
Depictions of Life and Death tells the story of a cleansing, a purification, decadent intrigue, and self-murder—ultimately creating a character that embodies the true essence of freedom itself.”

Push play below to get a listen to “Immortal Savage Nature” from the new EP.  Says Foley:

“‘Immortal Savage Nature’ … foretells the birth story of this ‘being’, through the eyes of Death himself, as he stalks and then destroys the embodiment of Life—endowed with such illustrious beauty. It all takes place within the confines of an eternal Paradise. Although the lyrics have a conceptual storyline, they still hold well to self-reflection and the personal recollection of events and emotions. So take from them what you will and let the music infuse, furthermore…indulge.”