Top 5 Second Wave Noise Rock Bands That Inspire Whores

By Whores (and not the kind you’re thinking of, you perverted bastards!)

5. Fight Amp – “Bad Listener”
We met Fight Amp through a local Atlanta promoter when we first started out, and they have since become practically part of our extended family. They are one of the best working bands today, and I’d rank them with some of the greats. In addition to being an incredible band, they are some of the most real, down-to-earth people in the world. Forever our brothers.

4. Hawks – “Cottonmouth”
I continuously cite Hawks as my favorite ATL band. I will continue to name-drop them until the world listens. I love everything about this band. From the interesting songwriting to the visceral live shows, they cannot be topped.

3. Pissed Jeans – “Loubs”
We don’t know Pissed Jeans socially, but here is another band that just absolutely crushes live. Their records are of course fantastic, but I got a chance to see them in Philly right after Honeys came out, and I was knocked out by their combination of raw power, tongue-in-cheek piss taking of “lead singer” tropes and confrontational aesthetic. I’d love to be onstage with them in the future. Just flawless.

2. Metz – “Get Off”
I got the Metz record and loved it, but I caught them at 529 here in ATL and was thoroughly intimidated by the intensity of their performance. I hope that is taken in the spirit in which it is intended. It’s pretty much the highest praise I can give. I cannot stand bands that do the whole disaffected statue thing on stage. We actually will take parts out of songs if they are too difficult to play, because I refuse to stare at my navel during our shows. Go see Metz. Jesus.

1. Dope Body – “Weird Mirror”
We’ve played Baltimore four or five times now, and I have no idea why we’ve never been put on a bill with them. Maybe we’re too pedestrian. I don’t know. I wouldn’t necessarily classify them as noise rock, per se, but I think they are certainly in the same universe. Intense, dare I say catchy songs, combined with a swagger that I’m always a sucker for. This is a band to watch.

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