EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Demonical “King Of All”

Dearest death-heads, please affix your finest gurn of appreciation as we welcome an exclusive stream of “King of All”, a real chunky piece of slo-mo O.S.D.M. chug taken from Demonical’s gnarly forthcoming Metal Blade LP, Darkness Unbound.
As you would expect from Demonical, Darkness Unbound is one unsophisticated beast; Demonical, lest we forget, are graduates from the early ‘90s Swedish death metal scene, having been formed in 2006 by Centinex alumni Daniel Gustavsson, Martin Schulman and Ronnie Bergerståhl. When Centinex split they had left behind a sound that was growing ever more melodic and further from their roots in lo-fi death metal. Decadence: Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos and World Declension are not likely to ever be mistaken for the work of In Flames, but they lacked the weight and untutored brutality of albums such as Centinex’s crude debut, Subconscious Lobotomy, and the awesome Transcend the Dark Chaos EP. Demonical reverses this trend.

Four albums in, they still hark back to those old-school values; less sophistry, more swollen riffs. Darkness Unbound, recorded at Necromorbus and Wing Studios in Stockholm, is raw, it’s meaty . . . And it’s only fitting that we should preview “King of All”. As the album’s epic centrepiece, it is a real heffer of a track, a lead-spined bison with a sort-of “God of Emptiness” vibe. Well, almost; certainly, it feels similarly epic. Check it out:

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