Streaming: Pentagram (Chile) — “The Apparition”

We have some streaming goodness available for the Deciblog faithful today. Please check out the new tune “The Apparition” from Pentagram (Chile) below.
Frontman Anton Reisenegger said the following about the track: “‘The Apparition’ must be one of my favorite tracks on the album because it has this amazing early Slayer vibe. Haunting The Chapel is still my favorite Slayer record ever and was a huge influence on our demos, so this is kind of a tribute. The vocal reverb actually sounds a lot like ‘Hell Awaits’ as well. The lyrics are about hidden fears and superstitions which often run deep in a family’s history. I tried to evoke pictures of an old decaying house as a symbol for those fears.”

Get in touch with Pentagram Chile here and preorder The Malefice from Metal Blade. It will be released on November 11th.