VIDEO PREMIERE: Seeker’s “When Hope Fails”

Okay kids, I’ve seen a LOT of horror movies. It’s hard to freak me out. But this video FREAKS ME THE HELL OUT. That’s a real woman and that’s real steel through her flesh and that’s her real skin stretching like that and urgh. It’s way too early in the morning for Hellraiser shit. That said, for those of you who are into body modification – you don’t get much more modified than what’s happening here. I have to admit, it is impressive in its own way. Also there is music, and it’s pretty good. It’s by Seeker, and it comes from their upcoming record Unloved. So if you enjoy technical death metal and pretty ladies hanging from hooks, Victory Records and we here at Decibel are proud to premiere the video for “When Hope Fails.” It’s certainly memorable. I’m going to go watch some kittens now.


***Pre-order packages for Unloved are available now at Stay tuned for tour announcements from Seeker, coming soon. Unloved drops October 29th.