NFL PREVIEW 2013: Gates of Slumber on the Indianapolis Colts

by Jason McCash, The Gates of Slumber
So begins another campaign for an NFL club full of much history–from the greatest game ever played to housing two of the greatest QBs that ever played the game in Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning. Many NFL records were and still are held by many players that called the Horseshoe home.

This season, a new-look offense will be in play: run first and run often. With this idea in place, the Colts brought in Ahmad Bradshaw to team up with the muscle of Vick Ballard and the speed and cutting ability of Donald Brown: a three-headed attack that us Colt fans haven’t seen since the pre-Manning era. Because of this new direction, the wide receiver core should have a lot more success. With the addition of Darrius Heyward-Bey and the emergence of Ty Hilton, Reggie Wayne completes a trio that will be lights-out! Wayne is now the Marvin Harrison of this team, and he has earned it. Then there is the new golden goose, Andrew Luck—the man everyone has forgot about because of some cat named RGIII who was drafted to a team in one of the biggest media markets in the U.S. All Luck does is study film, work out, practice, study more film, work out a bit more, then practice again. He played like a pro last season—this season he will play like a Hall of Famer.

Now onto the defense, my favorite part of football. The Colts have fully developed a 3-4 system and now have the players in place to breed success. Ricky Jean-Francois, Cory Redding and Drake Nevis should step up behind captain Pat Angerer (there’s no greater name a LB could have in the NFL, if you ask me), who will be teamed up with our first round pick this season (and Dwight Freeney’s replacement) Björn Werner. Headlines will be made week in and week out with this unit of defensive backs. We have CBs who now can cover one-on-one, and the safeties—oh my god! Bethea, Landry, Brown, Asante—headlines will be made for damn sure.

All in all, the Colts will again win the AFC South and will have a solid chance to represent the AFC in this season’s Super Bowl, coming to MetLife Stadium in NYC! Have a killer season, boys. I’ll have my popcorn ready, and will have a ton of fun supporting the club all year.