STREAMING: Felix Martin “Triangle Tune”

There comes a point where progressive is no longer progressive. It’s a step beyond. For Venezuelan guitarist Felix Martin, he’s taken the six-string and transformed it into a 14-string creating what he calls “jazz metal.” Now, if we’re to rewind history a bit, “jazz metal” was already covered—to some degree—by Cynic, Pestilence, and Atheist. But Felix Martin adds something new to the concept. His 14-string guitar and double hand technique.
“Triangle Tune” (seen below) is off Martin’s second full-length effort, The Scenic Album. It features renowned bassist Nathan Navarro and famed drummer Marco Minnemann (Necrophagist, Steven Wilson) and it’s nothing but pure awesome if you’re into mindfully complex music with a sense of self; not that Phish crap. So scale your summit and be amazed by Martin, Navarro and Minnemann (MNM or M2N).

** Felix Martin’s The Scenic Album is out September 17th on Prosthetic Records. It’s available HERE for pre-order.