Wake up and Smell the Falseness: An Interview with Wake

Wake are from Canada. They play grindcore. They seem generally unhappy about things. Here’s a description of the film that Handshake Inc. owner David Hall is making based on the album that sums up the general vibe better than I ever could (a NSFW segment of which can be found below).
“False” is a film based on the album of the same name by Calgary’s WAKE.

Like the album, the film is dirty, gross, filthy, noisy, grimy, and features blast upon blast of emotional feels that will hopefully take the viewer/listener into a deep, dark hole of regret, unease, trash and waste.  

“False” the film takes place over 24 hours in the life of a misanthropic voyeur named Dave Hall who films the tragically boring and ugly minutia that make up his day.  Fueled by 4loko and high-grade, pot, Hall’s life-through-the-camera is incredibly uncomfortable, reprehensible, honest, worthless and full of nothing anyone might ever want to watch.  Fist-fights, pissing contests, twerking of all that ass, exploding diarrhea and sunsets.  Every second contains the truth.  False. 

“Rotten” taken from the film, is the sixth track on the record, and the sixth chapter of the film.  Dave Hall is sexually frustrated like a fucking dog and films his neighbourhood at night while dreams of debauched bitches slap a hot longing to his face/brain piece.  You are old, you are dying and nobody wants to fuck you anymore.

If that isn’t enough, here’s an interview with the band as a collective entity to clue you in on some of the personalities behind the music.

What drew you to grind?

Growing up on punk, hardcore and metal, grindcore was a logical progression for all of us in an endless pursuit of speed and volume, a natural way to express dissatisfaction.

What do the band members do outside of the band? Do they bring their outside interests to the music?

We all have other musical and artistic endeavors that aren’t necesserarily related to grind as a musical form but still within the DIY underground.

What do each of the members bring to the table?

Snoring, Substance abuse problems, Cats, Etc..

What were some of your inspirations coming into False?

It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly inspires us for any record, everything is influence… Kyle always having a platform to scream about things he/we find important and having people care enough to listen is inspiration enough.

Did you want to accomplish anything coming into your second album?

To create a diverse grind record that’s raw and interesting, straddling a fine line between cohesion and chaos; something that’s superior to all of our previous endeavours and to further develop our sound, which we think we’ve done with FALSE.

The word “false” is a pretty blunt one. Why go with that for the album title? Is there a particular meaning for you?

The name is obviously open to interpretation to anyone but some of the things we talked about while making this record is that there is so much elistism within the underground that it often becomes a parody of itself. Fuck being kvlt and true, it’s shitty and boring, get over yourself. We as humans need to realize that our hypocrisies are some of our own biggest enemies, facing such attitude has proven to be a challenging task for many.

What are some of the subjects you explore on the album?

The subjects are pretty negative, there’s not much optimism on this record. The lyrics focus mostly on humanity’s direct apathy of issues surrounding our social construct to our destructive self riotousness, consuming everything in our path for narcissistic progression. We don’t have much hope for people and we think this is a pretty obvious reflection of that.

How do you go about making Wake unique in the world of grind?

Whatever sound we may have is because of a completely natural writing process, everyone gets a voice to show their influences and nothing is overthought to the point of sounding contrived. While we don’t think FALSE is a ground breaking achievement it certainly is a personal one for all of us because of said creative freedom.

***False is available on vinyl via Handshake Inc. at this location. You can download the album here or visit their Facebook page here.