STREAMING: Scion A/V interviews Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste are no strangers to Decibel-land. Having performed admirably at our 100th Issue show, appeared as chefs on the cover of issue #89 [available HERE] and earned an honorable place on Albert’s mancave mantle, the Virginia-based thrashers are, well, like family.
When Scion A/V approached us to air an exclusive interview with the Wastoids—in celebration for their second appearance at the lauded Scion Rock Fest—we had no other choice. Air it or answer yet another series of inquisitive inquests by drummer/beer nerd Dave Witte on the eve of a print deadline. We’re still not sure how Witte knows our production schedule better than we do, but that’s for another day.

Rage the stream! No time for order!

** For more information on Scion, Scion A/V, and Scion Rock Fest, click the links. It’s OK, you can handle it.