Grandfather Has a New Album. Get Off Your Lawn and Listen.

Featuring ex-members of Family and probably some other bands, Brooklyn’s Grandfather is currently riding a wave churned by positive recommendations from the likes of Steve Albini (who engineered the band’s Why I’d Try debut), Spin Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan and a bunch of other press outlets that people apparently pay rapt attention to. Album number two, titled In Human Form, just dropped a couple days ago and here’s your chance to check the band out. Alex Newport produce this latest record and they’ve been called “the visceral art-crunch of Shellac mixed with the flighty and fever-dreamy melodies of Shudder To Think” by the Village Voice, “orchestral brilliance, gritty post-punk, and cerebral assaults of noise” by someone else and we think they sound like a cross between Tool and post-Until Your Heart Stops Cave In. Why don’t you decide for yourselves? Here’s a stream of the full album and it sounds like this:

To download In Human Form for free and to check out their little corner of the interhole here.