Quebec’s Catuvolcus Premiere New Track!

Catuvolcus, those purveyors of anthemic historical metal, have been waking ancient Gallic spirit from their home in Warwick for the past six years.  In that time, they’ve dropped an EP and two full-length records.  Decibel‘s only exposure to their sound has been through Gergovia, the band’s second album, and it’s a heavy-as-hell burner of a record.  The music bristles with Franco-Scandinavianisms, a love for black metal drama and death metal aggression filtered through the some very competent composers and musicians.
This October, guitarist/vocalist Pierre-Aleksandr Plessix, guitarist/Deciblog-darling Maxime Côté, drummer Étienne Gallo and bassist Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (both of Augury) stir the gauntleted past again with their new album, Voyageurs de l’Aube.  Mr. Plessix gave us a preview of what we should expect from the album, as well as a full 13-minute track to give us a real taste of the sound.

Listen to “Voyageurs des Brumes (Wanderers of the Mists)” and read below to find out how this song came together and why the band is so excited about the album.  Then check them out at their Facebook page.  Enjoy!

What drove the musical and conceptual processes for this new recording, and how was that different from previous albums?

On the new album I (P-A Plessix) wrote both the music and lyrics as well as the concept, which is a bit different from what we did on the previous albums. It’s still rooted in black metal with progressive touches, but this one has another feel to it, really nostalgic. We also decided to record in a more organic way, so no trigger or drum samples as we did previously.  We wanted something more raw with an old school vibe. Also the concept differs from what I wrote previously.  It’s not about war or battles against the Roman legions, it has a philosophical approach, something I never touched upon in the past.

The album is dedicated to David Gold and Woods of Ypres.  I wanted to pay tribute to this amazing artist from our country… We also recorded a Woods on Ypres cover which will be included on the album. This new song, “Voyageurs des Brumes (Wanderers of the Mists) ” is taken from our new album Voyageurs de l’Aube. Historically, we are in 56 BCE:  the battle of Morbihan has just been lost, so the Veneti (Gaul tribe) warrior has only [one] goal – he wants to leave his homeland for a better one. So it’s a retrospection for the two first songs, and a reflection and action on the third one. He finally leaves Gaul for Albion. As all our lyrics are in French I decided to offer a translation which will be included in the digipack version of the album.

What are you excited about with this song?

Everything! It’s our first release with the new line-up featuring Etienne Gallo (Augury, Talamyus) on drums and Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (Augury, Beyond Creation) on bass. They brought so much to the songs, their experience had a huge impact. There is also an incredible guest performance and might I add a premiere for Catuvolcus: violin on metal parts. This song is the perfect example of what we deliver!

Any surprises during the writing/recording process this time around?

I got a lot of police tickets! We drank a lot of beers! Quebec’s microbreweries are among the best in North America. The best surprise was the joining of Etienne Gallo and Dominic Lapointe to the line-up…these lads are veterans of the Quebec extreme metal scene, so it was such an honor to see them join my ranks. Everything was nice though, we had the opportunity to enter an awesome studio in Montreal, the experience will never be forgotten.  We’ve shared great moments there, great ideas with great people. You were asking for surprises?  I got one this week.  Maxime sent me a final mix of the song with cat sounds mixed into the song…I was like WTF!? I laughed so much!