STREAMING: No Sir’s “The Future Is Bright”

Hey, a hardcore band with an ironic album title. A quick click on the “play” button below will tell you exactly what No Sir think about you manage the’s future prospects. And if that’s too subtle for you, they list Albert Camus and David Lynch among their lyrical influences. Sonically, these West Coast punks sound like West Coast punk, with all the requisite noise rock and shoegaze-y toxic coating we’ve come to expect. Plus some grunge! They namecheck Nirvana, and that’s pretty evident when you listen to tunes like “Anxiety Consumption.” So before anxiety consumes you, check out our exclusive stream of The Future Is Bright below.

***You don’t have to wait long for the future; The Future Is Bright comes out today courtesy of  Twelve Gauge; you can purchase it on vinyl in three different colors (supplies are limited, so act now) or via digital download here