John Gält Is A Sleaze Rocker

Here are the two main things you need to know about Kharkiv, Ukraine’s future sleaze rock superstars John Gält:
1. The band’s superb debut full-length Served Hot is a brash, hook-filled throwback to hard rock’s better days, marrying a bit of Motörhead aggro and Priest-y chug-soar-chug to an old school Mötley Crüe swagger n’ sneer. It is pure, unapologetic rock n’ roll rebellion created by dudes clearly living far enough away from the tastemakers to be tainted by cynicism.

2. They post some pretty absurdist/funny shit on the official John Gält YouTube page.

Today it is our honor to present the exclusive United States premiere of two Served Hot tracks…uh, served hot? Friend the band on Facebook here. Go buy the album via Amazon.

(“U Mad Bro” antics begin at appx. 1:15)

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