STREAMING: Twlight of the Gods “Destiny Forged in Blood”

“The idea came from a discussion over a beer or two with a friend about Primordial possibly doing a set of epic Bathory tracks to commemorate our 20th anniversary,” says steelheart Alan Averill on the origins of Twilight of the Gods. “I realized this was pretty unlikely so he more or less made me a bet to put a band together and do exactly that so I cast the net out and here we are a couple of years later. An interesting journey.”
If that sounds like every band story known to man, well, it probably is. Minus the Bathory part. Minus Alan “fucking” Averill. But like-minded, like-souled, and the instrumentally adept normally form bands to express frustration, kill long hours, and, most importantly, have their voices heard. Though Twlight of the Gods may not be forged in the fires of The Return or Blood Fire Death (or Album for that matter), it is of pure intent. Five guys—from Thyrfing and ex-Dimmu Borgir to Einherjer and ex-Mayhem—with history in black(ish) metal decided it was high time to honor the elders, the mighty men who put heavy metal on the map not down the fjords. Twlight of the Gods is an homage to Dio, Accept, Rainbow, and Manowar. It’s hail worthy and lyrically pointed, as all good heavy metal should be.

So, it’s an absolute pleasure to bring Averill and company to the Deciblog for a streamiere of opening cut “Destiny Forged in Blood.” Bow down to your new anthem of power as the dog days of summer wind down. Raise your fists!

** Twilight of the Gods’ new album, Fire on the Mountain, is out September 27 on Season of Mist. It’s available HERE for pre-order. Or you can get your little Cherrybutt & Firefly tushy over to Amazon if international shipping scares the stitches out of your undies.