Cobalt Rising

First-class “war metal” masters Cobalt are about to set out on a short (and, no doubt, highly volatile) east coast tour which gave us the perfect excuse to check in with vocalist Phil McSorley about the past, present, and future of this great and glorious band…

“Erik [Wunder] has been working hard on getting other members of the band spun up for the shows. We’ve been a two-piece since the beginning, and we’ve developed kind of a psychic link between ourselves, allowing us to write music. He has gotten two great musicians who understand the gravity of our feeling, and they are ready to help us dump a million tons of shit on the world. I have been back and forth to Iraq twice since Gin was recorded, and have been working as a Drill Sergeant since then. I have finally scraped together the time to put everything I have into a live Cobalt tour, so expect a savage display! There’s years of combat and anger and hate built up just for these eight shows, and they’re going to be something that may never be experienced on that level ever again. Erik has been working with Man’s Gin and has a new album coming soon, which will blow everyone away. I am recording ugly and raw black metal for a new project of my own as well, but the combination of both these worlds is what Cobalt has always been, and this crystallization of the band will be worth the wait.

“From the upcoming tour expect this…

“This will be one of only a few times that all the instruments of the songs have been played at one time, together. The albums were recorded as separate instruments, so these songs have never actually floated through the air.

“There is an unimaginable amount of energies and motivations behind these shows that can not be explained except through a display of the most violent and primitive release.

“Cobalt will record a new album following this tour, ending a silent hiatus of several years.”