Uncle Acid’s Intro to Cinema

We’re less than a month out now from the release of Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats’ sublime psychedelic doom n’ roll tour de force Mind Control, and, lord, does the tranquil-yet-oddly-sinister old school VHS clamshell-esque cover artwork suit the album’s messianic death cult lyrical theme and transcendentalist sonic vibe.
“The whole album reeks of VHS and low-budget exploitation so I wanted something that looked nice and tranquil on the cover,” Uncle Acid himself tells Decibel. “It gives no indication of the madness that’s inside. It goes back to the idea of contrast. It lulls you in and gives you a false sense of security in some ways. It’s the sort of thing that should be wrapped in a brown paper bag and hid under the counter. Only the sleaziest dirtbag would seek out to buy this kind of trash!”

This morning we invite readers to check out the Metal Blade stream of “Poison Apple” below and, if so inclined, check out the gritty, grimy syllabus Uncle Acid provides for those interested in delving further into sleaziest dirtbag trash cinema…

Electra Glide In Blue: Great movie about a desert highway cop looking for promotion. It’s shot almost like a John Ford film only with motorcycles instead of horses. The panning shots across monument valley are pretty inspiring. A must see!

J.C.: Jesus Christ is born again and starts a bike gang in the deep south while on LSD. Abysmal movie, but the general idea is pretty cool.

Werewolves On Wheels: Bikers get loaded and cause trouble with a satanic cult before heading out to the desert. A classic. The soundtrack is great, too.

Manson ’73: Interesting documentary from the 70s about the Manson ‘family’. A lot of propaganda in this, but worth watching for some of the interviews and the Spahn Ranch footage. Obviously that whole Manson thing and period of time was a big inspiration for the album.

The Glory Stompers: Another biker film. This one stars Dennis Hopper as a complete psycho. What more can you want?