STREAMING: IMPALERS “Power Behind the Throne”

When Horror Pain Gore Death’s commander-in-chief sent through IMPALERS‘ debut LP Power Behind the Throne it really looked like the email concerned some band called Impalas. Swear to God. And how cool a band name would that be? Okay, when they’re leaping around the savanna Impalas come across too cutesy for old-school thrash metal, but to their credit they take a 100% metal looking horned skull to the grave with them, whereas even the sickest operator in underground metal’s moral wastelands will leave a skull no spookier than a prop from your high-school production of Hamlet.
So yeah, Impalers, well, okay: that’s a band name we can work with, a band we can get behind. Here’s the skinny: Impalers come from Denmark, formed in 2007, have had two demos to their name—2009’s Army of Darkness and A Necessary Evil from 2011. While tracks such as “Aggressor” and “Nuclear Nights” don’t twist the genre into new shapes, they demonstrate that these raw Danish kids have got all the requisite spunk, pep and attitude needed to make it in this game. Fuck, they even sound angry, and are all about the whiplash, qualities that almost seem like afterthoughts to today’s thrashers. You’ll hear the influences; Kreator, ye olde Sepultura, Destruction, Exodus, et al. But that’s no bad thing, quite the contrary. Power Behind the Throne is out tomorrow on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. You can buy it HERE. And you can listen to the album in its entirety below.