STREAMING: Deathchain’s “Like Worms Upon The Lands” with LG Petrov

For your streaming pleasure today we’re happy to premiere a song from Finnish death metal band Deathchain’s new album Ritual Death Metal. What makes this track special is that it features guest vocals from Entombed’s LG Petrov.
Learn more about Deathchain below and then stream “Like Worms Upon The Lands.” You can preorder the CD or the LP from Svart.

Finnish combo Deathchain have finished their sixth album “Ritual Death Metal,” which is set for release on Svart Records on April 5th. Keeping up with the band’s tradition to include the word ‘death’ or ‘dead’ in their titles, their name of their sixth full-length alone ‘Ritual Death Metal’ feels like a warning. In the wake of an already impressive ‘Death Gods’ three years ago, this new offering to the Ancients been recorded last summer with Swedish wünderkid Tore Stjerna in Stockholm in his world-renowned Necromorbus studio where most famously Watain but also Ondskapt, Funeral Mist and many others have sworn a pact with the Great Horned One. Guest starring on the album is one LG Petrov from Entombed, who provides vocals for the track “Like Worms Upon The Lands.” Cover art is by Babalon Graphics, other layout work by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13 Media.