Sister Sin Tour Diary, Part 1: How to Avoid Scurvy and Frontbutt on Tour

***Rocked out by Sister Sin singer Liv Jagrell during their recently completed tour opening for the metal queen, Doro. Check out their video for “Heart of Cold” HERE, or even better, catch them on their current headlining trek, tour dates HERE.

February 2, 2013 – Atlanta, Georgia @ The Masquerade

Trying to stay in good shape on the road isn’t always easy; with shitty food everywhere, late nights and no gym near you. As a personal trainer, I always try to work out even when there’s no gym around, whether it be for a nice long session or just a quick 15 min one. After many years of touring, I’ve come up with a few fool-proof ways to get a great work out in, so I thought I’d share them with all of you, because if I can do it when I’m on the road, you can do it too! I’ll also fill you in on how I’m working out during the tour with Doro and how everything is going so far!

We’ve played two shows so far, really good ones, so we are all in a great mood here.

When training on tour, it’s important to stay focused and remember that I want to do some kind of exercise every other day. That might not always happen, but that is my goal. And since we are on a tour bus, there is no gym, no fitness rooms, and no equipment so what I work with is my own bodyweight and high intensive interval training. I usually use the intervals and the exercises from the website I’ve searched around for good ones, and so far these are the best routines I’ve found. Its 12 minutes of intense workout and on tour that’s all you need, you don’t have time for much more. I pick 4 exercises like dips, squats, pushups and burpees and I do them 3 rounds, 50 sec work, 10 sec rest. Then after that I try to stretch out my muscles from the show the previous night. Normally I’m a heavy weight kind of girl, the heavier the better, I love it! But on tour with no weights it’s better to just do short intense stuff, the heavy weights are for the gym back home. Don’t hurt yourself!

Here is some advice to keep you in shape on tour:

  • Have intention to work out a little bit every other day, it may not fit into your schedule, but plan on it
  • Do short intensive workouts with 4-5 exercises, not much rest and about 3 rounds
  • Prepare! Buy protein powder, protein bars, fruits, nuts and other healthy snacks so you don’t fall into the gas station binge of shitty snacks
  • When I eat out I always order the thing on the menu that seems to have the most vegetables. After that you can decide if you want chicken or fish or veggie stuff like tofu. DON’T GO FOR breaded deep fried things. (that last part should be obvious)

February 3rd, 2013- West Springfield, VA @ Empire

We love our Fans!!

sister sin 3

February 4th, 2013- New York, NY @ BB KINGS

We are our way to New York for our show at BB Kings, looking forward to this very much! Hoping to get in a little workout. I hear the venue has a nice shower,and whenever I hear there’s a shower close by, I plan to work out and take advantage of it!

Yesterday, I went to a Whole Foods market and bought some stuff like this Tofurky We don’t have that I Sweden but I wish we did because it’s great! If you haven’t tried it, try it. Seriously.

sister sin 4

Other than that I eat a lot of peanut butter and brown rice cakes. It’s something sweet that isn’t that bad for you. I try to buy organic but this one wasn’t.

sister sin 5

I’m really not an vegan, I eat fish, shellfish and egg sometimes but I’ve just found out that I also need to avoid lactose and gluten so it’s gonna be a challenge being on tour. But in this case I’m fortunate, there two more vegans on the bus! So far I’ve been blessed with really good food here!

February 7th, 2013- Toronto, ON @ The Mod Club

We had a day off yesterday but we had so much to do and we were all so tired that we only went out for some Chinese food and then crashed at the hotel. I woke up by 9 this morning and hit the hotels treadmill for a while, and after that I did some high interval training for about 15 minutes .It’s great when we’re at hotels with gyms, I love it!

sister sin 6

In New York the other night a fan brought me some nice stuff from Whole Foods, like these bars, they taste really good, and they are all vegan/glutenfree, perfect for me after a workout! Thank you!!!

sister sin 7

Jimmy and some other people on the bus are getting sick, not so good, have to keep away from that. I’ll eat probiotics to prevent colds and stuff, I hope that’s enough to escape it!

February 8, 2013- Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall

Starting to feel pretty bad, my throat feels like double the size, urk. Why does this shit always happen in the beginning of a tour? I hate being sick, and on tour it’s even worse because you’re worrying about putting on a good show. You will always have lots of people around you, nowhere to hide so to say. On top of that, I find it harder to keep myself in good shape and eating good when feeling bad. You just put so much pills and stuff into your body, I hate that, and of course you have to wait until you get better to work out, which I also hate. Today it will be lots and lots of tea for me.

This coconut drink and ginger candy got me through the show tonight.

sister sin 8

Valentine’s Day – February 14th, 2013- St. Paul, MN @ Station 4

I’ve been sick for a couple of days and couldn’t work out at all. This is important — don’t work out when you feel bad, it’s not good for the body! But today I found myself a nice cozy basement and did my 12 minutes of HIIT there, 4 exercises 50 sec work, 10 rest, 3 times, good to be back at it!

I got so many Valentine’s presents, fruits, bars from Whole Foods and 4 packages of almond milk! I have such great fans, love them all.

February 16, 2013- OFF DAY- Somewhere in Nebraska

Day off, had a great day with a quick workout, shower, and shopping at Walmart. Ended the night with a dinner out with the boys from Doro at a nice Mexican restaurant. I love Mexican food, by the way!