STREAMING: DRUID LORD “Hymns for the Wicked”

Courtesy of the good people of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, the Deciblog is honored to roll up with this exclusive album stream of Floridian doom quartet DRUID LORD‘s debut LP, Hymns for the Wicked. Hymns originally dropped on Hallowe’en, 2010, sold out on CD and vinyl, and is now up for reissue tomorrow (February 26th) through Horror Pain Gore Death. And although Hymns is a debut, the characters behind Druid Lord have enough scene miles on the clock—their number having played with the likes of blackened death troupes ACHERON and EQUINOX and Louisiana thrashers INCUBUS—to lend tracks such as “Gorgon Witch” and “Witchfinder” a genuine sense of patched-denim classicism and doom metal orthodoxy.
The press pack cites vintage Paradise Lost, Celtic Frost, Acid Witch (definitely in the schlockier moments) and of course Candlemass as influences, but there’s really no need to sign-post Druid Lord’s outlook; where they are coming from musically is pretty much self-evident from the song-titles. B-movie samples, fuzzed-out riffs, death growl poetry, Heavy Metal antiheroes with a Hammer Horror-esque back story (we’re looking at you, “Baron Blood”), Hymns has it all.

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While the band would ordinarily command you to kneel before the titular druid lord and die, and/or join the druid death cult and die, we have it on good authority that they’d let you off if you just press play. Time to fish out a cold one from the fridge; here is DRUID LORD Hymns for the Wicked*

Druid Lord – Hymns for the Wicked by Jonathan Horsley
[*In its entirety save for “Awaken by the Dead”, which has succumbed to technical issues]

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