“I Love This Music. Isn’t It Too Dreamy?”

Norwegian hard rockers Audrey Horne may have a sound that marries Seventies arena rock to a chug/gallop/chug reminiscent of early Priest and Maiden, but the band’s name is all homage to a memorable character from David Lynch’s infamous early nineties crash n’ burn foray into network television. Thus, on the eve of the release of the band’s hard-charging, enlivening new record Youngblood we asked the lads of Audrey Horne to work up a collective top five Twin Peaks episodes list. You’ll find it below along with a stream of “Redemption Blues,” the tone-setting kick off track from Youngblood.
And, yes, the first Decibel readers to start a band called Log Lady will be given space to respond.

1. “Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer”: Cooper has the dream with the backward talking little person.

2. “Realization Time”: Cooper and Audrey Horne goes deep undercover at One Eyed Jacks.


3. “Demons”: Bobby and Shelly parties around a crippled Loe, and David Lynch makes an appearance as Coopers boss.

4. “Cooper’s Dreams”: Shelly gets back at Leo, and most important of all: The scene in the woods with the log lady.

5. “May the Giant Be with You”: The giant helps Cooper. Anything including giants and midgets is great in our book.


Post title explanation video (1:15):

And a longer video preview of Youngblood: