VIDEO PREMIERE: Aborted “Expurgation Euphoria”

Belgian gore-lords Aborted have been kickin’ corpses and plenty of detal metal ass since the mid-’90s. But they’ve only reached their true potential—that’s a personal opinion—in recent years, where they’ve added more meat, guts, and other musical offal to their boiling cauldron. Although I’m partial to Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done, I think new album, Global Flatline, is their magnum opus. There’s bits of history hammer-stitched throughout the album’s fabric, whether it’s Morbid Angel-like crawls or grindcore-era Carcass blasts or Aborted’s signature gargling blood growls.
All this brings us to the Video Premiere of the band’s new video, “Expurgation Euphoria.” It starts off quaint-like, with the piano intro lulling you into a false sense of security. Well, this is death metal and there’s never a happy ending to anything. Our protag in the video isn’t having a good day. He’s in a hospital and there’s a very naughty nurse “helping” him through whatever malaise he’s suffering. But she has other intentions. Let’s just say, let this video play out to the end. Remember, keep watching. Maybe turn the volume up a little bit.

** Aborted’s new album, Global Flatline, is out now on Century Media Records. Order it HERE or face goremageddon, whatever that is. Any type of endtime situation involving heaps of gore has got to be brutal, right?