The Huffing Dead

Remember the collective freakout we had last year when that “Bath Salt Zombie”* ate another man’s face on a Miami causeway? Well, picture a more frenzied, pluralized version of that event set to a hardcore punk rock soundtrack — e.g., The Dwarves, The Meatmen, ANTiSEEN, The Murder Junkies, World War IX — and you’ll have some idea of the gory, outrageous, campy straight-up insanity that awaits those who dare enter the realm of Bath Salt Zombies, the new micro-budget horror flick from director Dustin Wayde Mills (Puppet Monster Massacre, Zombie A-Hole, Ballad of Skinless Pete) and writer/producer by Clint Weiler of uber-awesome Aggronautix. (Check out Rue Morgue Blood on a Budget columnist Patrick Dolan’s spot-on endorsement here.)
Bath Salt Zombies premieres tomorrow night at the Trocadero in Philadelphia with a live performance by Combat Crisis. The $8 admission includes a free soundtrack download card. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. For those outside Philadelphia, the DVD is available here. Check out the preview and a Combat Crisis video below. Visit the official website for a synopsis. Connect on Facebook.

*For the record, the “Causeway Cannibal” wasn’t on bath salts and may not have even been (technically!) a cannibal, but without the occasional good, baseless scare how would we keep the legislators and cops busy?