CONTEST: Feel like a Viking. Win Turisas swag!

It’s been ages since we hosted a contest where a band donned warpaint and rampaged heshers from sea to shining sea. In fact, we can’t recall if we’ve ever hosted a contest by a band as visually unique as Turisas. Sure, those old Darkthrone or Khold photos were cool, but Turisas take the “corpse” out of corpsepaint and replace it with “war”. Now, typically warriors painted their faces to look intimidating. That was the idea. Turisas has, well, a modern take. No, they don’t look like weird traffic signals to European roads, but let’s just say their warpaint is particularly expressive. Almost art-like, if you will.
To celebrate Turisas invading the shores of Vinland (that’s probably Canada) and the grand ole US of A, Century Media Records and Decibel have teamed up to give three (3) lucky long-boaters, OK, warriors a Turisas shirt, a Stand Up and Fight poster, and a Stand Up and Fight CD. That’s right. Even if you already have a Turisas t-shirt and the Stand Up and Fight CD—you digital music folks don’t know what you’re missing here—you definitely don’t have a Stand Up and Fight poster. For your bedroom wall. For your garage. For your man cave. Whatever. It’s unique.

What do you have to do to win this swashbuckling prize of Finnish magnitude?

Oh, just send us an email HERE.

Remember, three (3) sword-polishers will win:
1. One (1) Turisas shirt
2. One (1) Stand Up and Fight poster
3. One (1) Stand Up and Fight CD

Turisas is on tour in February and March 2013. Joining them are: Stolen Babies and Firewind. It’s called, Guards of Glory North American Tour. Epic! See dates below:

** Visit and like Turisas on Facebook. The group’s new full-length, Stand Up & Fight, is out now on Century Media Records. Order it HERE or face hordes of horny priests on Lindisfarne.