STREAMING: Holy Grail’s “Riding the Void”

Do you guys like totally ripping heavy metal? No? Well, okay, guess I’ll go away…
Haha, just kidding! You nerds will never be rid of me. As a special Tuesday treat, here’s the new Holy Grail record, in its entirety. Our own Adrien Begrand has been losing his shit over this since he heard it, and he’s Canadian, so he KNOWS good classic metal when he hears it. Hailing from the very un-metal environs of Pasadena, California, they bring a refreshingly modern take to traditional metal instead of just rehashing old Tokyo Blade tunes. Yeah, there are some metalcore elements, but their primary influence is Judas Priest, not Killswitch Engage. Just listen to the guitar interplay of Skwisgaar Skwigelf and Toki Wartooth – I mean, Eli Santana and new guitarist Alex Lee. Just try not to air guitar. I dare you. Grab your bullet belts and jean jackets, because you’re about to go INTO THE VOID!

I’m going to stop trying to be clever now. This is pretty rad. You should listen to it.

**Holy Grail’s new album, Riding the Void, is out on January 22 on Prosthetic. They just had a bunch of their stuff stolen out of their van, so you should order it here and support an awesome band.