Full Album Stream: Venomous Maximus — “Beg Upon The Light”

Venomous Maximus isn’t a cover band that does a cool version of “Witching Hour.” This Houston band likes riffs, penned a song that’s an indirect ode to King Diamond (see below) and has earned comparisons to Pentagram and Electric Wizard. We’ll gladly take that over a Cronos impersonation.
For your exclusive streaming pleasure, Venomous Maximus has let their friends at dB host their new album Beg Upon The Light. Dial in for some mayhem without mercy. Track-by-track commentary provided below by Gregg Higgins (vocals, guitar), Christian Larson (guitar), Trevi Biles (bass) and Bongo (drums). Beg Upon The Light will be available October 30 and can be purchased here.

1. Funeral Queen – I really love records that start off with an intro. Lucky for us our good friend Beau that used to play in Insect Warfare has been jamming organ and he came into to help. — Christian

2. Path of Doom — I LOVE JAKE E. LEE and man, when Gregg and Christian play guitar on this one, I swear I’m Randy Castillo in the fucking “Shot in the Dark” video! Lots of fun and that’s what makes being low down in streets worth it. – Bongo

3. Give Up The Witch – This is the only song that we had previously recorded that made it on to this record. It always gets a good response live. – Christian

* Songs 4 & 9 (“Father Time” and “Mothers Milk”) – They are both part of the family, mother earth chained in time! – Gregg

5. Hellenbach– One of my personal faves here. Reason being, I get to play the blues (sped up a little, but still the blues!). So much of the blues is lost with double bass playing. I wouldn’t touch it (double kick) with a ten foot pole. – Bongo

6. Moonchild – This one is a rocking BOC / Ozzy riffer! Dark-tinged with tortured vocals. Something of a nod to King Diamond. God bless Texas. – Trevi

7. Battle for the Cross – The opening riff is a rolling, thundering thing, indicative of a woeful, endless existence. Like Conan on that slave wheel. It then gives way to the Dio-esque march, torches burning in tribute to that wee one… – Trevi

8. Venomous Maximus – One of favorite songs to play live. Upbeat and good riffs! – Christian

10. Hell’s Heroes – This song is a tribute to all the men, women and children that have died for their beliefs. – Gregg

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