Decibrity Playlist: All That Remains

Since All That Remains released its debut a decade ago, the band has been a model of consistency in terms of the album cycle. In fact, it has dropped a new record like clockwork every two years since 2002, meaning no one should be surprised that full-length number six is set to drop on November 6th. So in anticipation of the release of A War You Cannot Win, bassist Jeanne Sagan—who first joined Phil Labonte and company for 2006’s breakthrough Fall Of Ideals—told us about five records that she’s currently digging. Feel free to listen along here.

Baroness—Yellow & Green (2012)
I’ve been a fan of this band for years now, so this was one of my highly anticipated releases this year. I bought the vinyl so I can’t help but separate the two albums. Some days I get stuck on Yellow, and some days I prefer Green. But overall I like how they have matured as a band and I love that they are more adventurous in melodic rock textures. I wish them a full recovery from the accident.

Red Fang—Murder The Mountains (2011)
This is one of the major party albums for my friends and I. So much so that we even started calling the ritual of listening, hanging out and drinking as “fanging out”. Haha we are definitely idiots but I love this album, it never gets old.

Stick To Your Guns—Diamond (2012)
My favorite album to listen to in the gym. Haha. Awesome songs, awesome message, awesome band. You can feel the passion put into it, which you cannot say about a lot of bands. They give me chills live and keep me motivated.

Aesop Rock—Skelethon (2012)
I dont listen to all that much hip-hop, but sometimes you need to change it up and Aesop Rock never lets me down. His rapping just sounds unique to me. I think he is just really clever at how he presents the lyrics and how they weave around the music. It’s captivating.

Ihsahn—Eremita (2012)
I would consider Emperor to be one of my favorite black metal bands. I think this guy is just a genius. The music is amazing and his voice is amazing. It’s something you can purposely sit down and listen to with headphones. What I especially love is use of horns because that is practically unheard of nowadays.

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**Photo by P.R. Brown

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