STREAMING: Evocation “Illusions of Grandeur”

Back in May, Decibel streamiered Evocation’s “Through The Darkened Peril” from the group’s killer demo/unreleased compilation Evoked From Demonic Depths – The Early Years. In that post, we gave a little background in why they mattered to a changing ’90s scene and how their 2006 reformation—an act of revenge, really—has given five dudes from Sweden a reason to live outside of changing diapers, going to a 9/5, and hitting the pub for a pint on a Wednesday night.
Now on their fourth full-length, Evocation has, in effect, made up generously for lost time in the ’90s. That new album, Illusions of Grandeur, is out now on Century Media Records, the group’s first for the label since signing over from German indie Cyclone Empire. Illusions of Grandeur maintains Evocation’s signature sound, but dials back the tempo for a smoother death metal experience. In fact, we had six-stringer Marko Palmén explain the main differences between Evocation’s newest and the group’s three previous efforts. Hit it Palmén! In B-flat, of course.

“I think the new album is the one which comes closest to the essence of what Evocation really is. We have scaled off the parts of Evocation which we felt didn’t hit the core of our sound. For instance, you won’t find any grind or blastbeats on this album. After analyzing our previous albums we just felt that those elements didn’t give anything for the Evocation sound. The key elements of Evocation have always been melodies, groove and hooks. However, it must also be mentioned that the new album is not less brutal than before. On the contrary, it contains more of fast 2-beats and double bass kick beats which add the necessary brutality.”

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** Evocation’s new album, Illusions of Grandeur, is out now on Century Media Records. Order it HERE. Or, go an listen to Asphyx. Not the Dutch death metal legends Asphyx. But this Asphyx from Germany. Note the fake smile on the Joker-like shorthaired German dude. Classic!