STREAMING: My Dying Bride “A Map Of All Our Failures”

Although our European brothers and sisters in despondent doom may’ve had the jump on Decibel this time around, it doesn’t deter our dismal displays of adoration—check out their Hall of Fame record example—for the venerated My Dying Bride. So much so, we’ve got four songs from the Brits’ latest long-player streaming. These tunes of torment are very much in line with what we’ve come to expect from My Dying Bride of late. Slow melancholic guitar lines, paired up solemn violin lines, a tempered tempo and, of course, frontman Aaron Stainthorpe’s tragic tales brought to life by his withering, sometimes vicious vocals.
If it’s raining where you live, well, My Dying Bride’s four songs from A Map Of All Our Failures are an appropriate noonday downer. If it’s not raining where you live, well, it will soon. Trust us. We’re metal bellwethermen after all. Just hit play on the Soundcloud player when the clouds burst and thank us later.

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** My Dying Bride’s new album, A Map Of All Our Failures, is out now on Peaceville Records. A multitude of formats in a variety of configurations are available HERE. If you’ve never ordered from Burning Shed before, well, they’re awesome. Better than Wild Rags back in the day.