EXCLUSIVE: New VON music — “Jesus Stain”

Of all the bands to crawl back from the metal abyss here’s something we never expected. VON is releasing a new album at the end of October and dB got an exclusive stream of “Jesus Stain” from Satanic Blood. The band expects to play a limited run of shows.
Take a listen below and then read an interview with mainman Jason “Venien” Ventura (conducted via e-mail) where he talks about the new music and why he resurrected VON. You can preorder the album from Von records here.

Why did you decide to get VON back together after all of these years?

Long story, but since I started to put my little monster back together there have been a few people that have come and gone, and that includes the other founders. The decision was made a while back and bottom line it’s to finish what I started.

What was it like getting back together and writing? Did you ever anticipate it?

I started the process again, and attempted to bring all of us that started it back, but that was short lived. The one that did come back quit after the London reunion show just like he did in the 90’s and the drummer was nowhere to be found. I had been writing tons of material for years and most of it was for VON but there was so much, some of it was leaning more towards a solo album, so I really didn’t anticipate anything. I just lived it.

I am the only surviving original creator of VON that survived the cut to record. The rest moved on and it’s for the best. I can’t work with bullshit anyways.

The band’s now legendary demo had a run of about 100 copies. Yet here we are about to premiere your first new track. Does that seem strange?

Not really, people like shit that’s raw! It’s intense things that drive us over the edge and this stuff tends to do that for a lot of people from what they tell me, so not really, I feel comfortable

Can you tell us about the song we are premiering?

Stains of Jesus are everywhere and this reflects that so well. This is not a religious thing; this is for those that push it on to others. I dictate my own way. This is an old one from the incubation period of VON.

Will you play live in conjunction with the new album?

Ritual Of The Black Mass is where I will present material from this album (Satanic Blood), the Dark Gods Trilogy of albums, and my solo album Tribal Blood. (I’m working with) Chris at Hate War putting this thing together over at the Black Castle in South Central LA Nov 9th. I’m also in talks with others for shows in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and anywhere else that will bleed pure rage!

When is the new album coming out? What can people expect?

Oct 31st. Expect relentless rage and primal pounding from front to back.