STREAMING: Nidingr “Greatest of Deceivers”

It ain’t often we say, “Hey, check out this black metal band with a great bass player!” Normally, bass players in black metal get the Jason Newsted treatment, but Borre-based Nidingr have two in guitarists Blargh and Teloch. Why have a full-time bass player when you have two guys with enough talent to sound like bass players? Good ones, too. Just listen to new ditty, “Greatest of Deceivers”, and then re-listen. When not freezer burned by Nidingr’s post-black blast, the bass cuts its own rug. Throughout.
OK, enough about Nidingr’s four-string rumbles and weaves. The Norwegians have a new album coming out on Indie Recordings. If you haven’t heard Nidingr before, well, it’s because they’ve been trapped under ice—see what I did there?—on two obscure labels like Karisma Records and Jester Records, the latter of which is run by Ulver’s own Kristoffer Rygg. Now that the trio has a release coming stateside this November, it’s time the non-Metal Archives forum members get a whiff of Nidingr’s progeny. More like Thorns, Ved Buens Ende, or Ihsahn’s latest noisemaker, Greatest of Deceivers is black metal from another angle. You won’t find grand symphonies about dark castles in deep forests. Nope, this is raw, urbanly dissonant black.

“The first single is out!” exclaims Nidingr brainbomb Teloch. “This is the title track from our latest opus Greatest of Deceivers. In this song we introduce you to some of the new elements that we are using throughout the album. Some of it is in the vain of typical Nidingr and some not.”

** Nidingr’s new album, Greatest of Deceivers, is out November 20th on Indie Recordings. It’s available for pre-order HERE. Or, you can go back and listen to Velvet Cacoon.