UFOMAMMUT post video teaser for “ORO: Opus Alter”

Italian doom trio Ufomammut have released a video teaser for forthcoming album Opus Alter, out 18 September through Neurot.
Opus Alter is the second half of Ufomammut’s ORO series. Its predecessor, Opus Primum, dropped in April, and was a lush dizzying headtrip of psychedelic guitars, space rock ambience all darkened by the unspoken threat of conspiracy. Guitarist Poia told us to consider the two releases as “hetrozygous twins”, and described a narrative that sounded like the band had sought the counsel of fellow countryman Umberto Eco before they decided on the concept.

Loosely speaking, the two albums meditate on the dark magic of alchemy. “Surely it’s an alchemy the way we’ve transmuted a riff into ORO,” says bass/synth/vocals dude Urlo. Both Opus Primum and Opus Alter were recorded together at the same time last summer with Lorenzo Stecconi, sound engineer at Locomotore Recording Studio in Rome, and despite a five-month gap between them, both Opus Primum and Opus Alter are to be considered as one piece of music.

Opus Alter is the continuation of Opus Primum,” says Urlo. “[Opus Alter ] is different because we’ve expanded and developed the music, and I think the mood is heavier in the second part.”

Fittingly for a band whose oeuvre is by design all about transcending the reality on whatever dimension you happen to be happening on, “Oroborus” is suitably hypnotic, a languid jaunt in search of your third eye. The visuals, so crucial to the Ufomammut live show, should agree with all you Monday afternoon psychonauts out there just waiting for an opportune moment to light one up or take a slug of that earthy mushroom tea.

“Oroborus” from ORO: Opus Alter

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